Maintenance and Modernity: Reflections on an Innovation in STS
David Edgerton | Professor of History, King's College London, UK
睽違15年,《東亞科技與社會》國際期刊與中央研究院史語所和台灣大學歷史系合作,舉辦知名歷史學者,同時也是《東亞科技與社會》諮詢編輯的大衛‧艾傑頓(David Edgerton)的來台演講,講題為「Maintenance and Modernity: Reflections on an Innovation in STS」。本演講閱讀材料為《老科技的全球史》(The Shock of the Old)第四章〈保養〉。艾傑頓教授不僅是英國領銜的科技史家,更是著名的現代史家。他透過STS研究中對「維修」與「養護」的發現,以及對「創新」迷思的破解與重塑,使我們能更切實的理解科技在人類生活中的意義,並且對生活的當代世界能有更充足的理解。
David Edgerton graduated from St John’s College Oxford and Imperial College London. After teaching at the University of Manchester he became the founding director of the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at Imperial College London (1993-2003) where he was also Hans Rausing Professor. He joined the History department with the Centre on its transfer to King’s in August 2013. He was a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellow, 2006-2009, and gave the 2009 Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Prize Lecture at the  Royal Society.